What is a co-op?
A co-op is an individual’s curated video channel.

Can I earn money as a curator?
Yes absolutely, if your channel is sponsored we then partner with you.

How much does it cost to become a curator?
co-opTV does not charge you so just your time to produce the content.

Who can become a curator?
See about us. If you are knowledgeable on any field and/or can make good infotainment and/or will make a contribution to better the community.

How can I become a curator?
Contact us with a pilot or test show. We will give you guidelines and advice.

How does my company sponsor a channel?
By bidding here. We will then contact you and make arrangements.

What branding, advertising and links do we get for sponsoring?
A top banner, wallpaper and video linked to your own co-op show.

What is the minimum bid price and time period?
Minimum is R1000 per month for 2 months. The curator will still need to accept the bid and association to the brand. This will be amended over time depending on demand or popularity of the relevant co-op

What does transfer value mean?
It means the value of the co-op as paid for by the associated sponsor. This was the previous winning bid.

What does current bid mean?
This is the bid amount that needs to be topped in order to secure the co-op.

Next transfer date?
The date bidding closes, which is when the highest bidder wins the co-op.

How does co-opTV differ from youtube?
We are aiming at information that is structured for the community. Our focus is regional thought leaders to produce relevant content.

What does contributor payout mean?
From time to time co-opTV will allocate budget to curators to use for purchase of content from contributors.

I can’t search or find any filter criteria or search by category?
This will come once we are out of beta testing.

Is co-opTV supported on mobile devices or have an app?
Not all but some. We plan to have this covered shortly. There is no mobile application at this stage.

What day does the content get updated?
Every Thursday.

How can I – not a curator - contribute content to a co-op?
By uploading and describing the intention. We will contact you shortly.

How can I advertise on co-opTV?
By bidding for a co-op.

There is not much content on co-opTV?
Yes we are building towards a full release but are in beta phase at the moment.

Who founded co-opTV?
Brad Schaffer & Marcos Cruz

What is co-opTV’s vision?
See about us

Can users download video?
No. Please respect that people work and spend time to do their shows.