About Us

"…The more citizens have the capacity to act, the more power society will have to tackle its challenges."
Mamphela Ramphele – Laying Ghosts to Rest

is co-op tv?

  • co-opTV is an online video broadcaster designed to enable & link communities of interest
  • co-opTV is founded by professional filmmakers who believe in creating sustainable communities
  • We broadcast & promote discerning relevant South African content
  • Co-ops (video channels) are curated by knowledgable thought leaders

" Civic intelligence is the capacity to consciously shape a future that is healthy, equitable & sustainable. Although individuals contribute, the phenomenon is collective and distributed.

" Click here for more on civic intelligence

co-op tv?

  • A recent Cisco study reported that visitors are 4 times more likely to look at video than text & images
  • Cisco Systems estimates that 90% of web traffic will be driven by video by the end of 2013
  • Increase your reach, relevance & community with co-opTV Dare to Share's homeless campaign - Walk the Walk - engaged over 1000 viewers in a few days
  • Western Cape Provincial Govt & co-opTV had 60k views (in 10 days) for the road safety - Safely Home Campaign

how to
join co-op tv?

Sponsor an existing co-op channel

Standard Package

  • There are many existing co-ops that will benefit from your brand's association
  • Comedy, Sustainability, Community Interests, Art, History, Lifestyle, Sport, Music, News and much more
  • Your brand's awareness will increase by being associated with a relevantdiscerning local audience that appreciates your sponsorship and support
  • 50% of sponsorship goes to the curator (content provider / show host)
  • With this additional resource the quality of show produced will increase
  • The curator needs to approve the sponsor and is then contracted to produce ongoing material that meets criteria e.g. number, regularity and length
  • A symbiotic relationship will develop and create an enabled sustainable community

Create your own co-op channel with your own content

Self-sponsored Package

  • By creating your own content you can promote your brand (or yourself) to your community, customers, clients, staff, club or likeminded individuals
  • If your product is content then co-opTV is free to use
  • All we require is a pilot show for approval
  • If you are selling a product then please contact us for pricing
  • Edutainment & infomercials are successful promotional tools
  • Also user generated content for competitions or simply laughs
  • Inspiring stories, fun event's, branded content & product launches creates awareness
  • co-opTV can assist in production
  • An expert in your business could curate content for your shows
  • co-opTV can also find a suitable curator of your choice

Or do both of the above packages:

Premier Package

  • Maximize your reach by sponsoring an existing co-op and create your own co-op (acquiring 2 co-ops), which are linked by click through
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